Ancient African Farm Tools
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Ancient African Farm Tools

Centuries long ago, farmers in Africa cultivated abundant food enough that could last for decades. Methods of farming in the continent, particularly the black Africans, developed over the years via their in-depth natural conceptualization of ideas and desire to produce food for survival.
The black people of Africa, before colonial conquests, had enjoyed widely diversified and well-planned production chains of food crops, livestock and hunting. It is evident that the black man fed himself and survived without any form of support from other species of man prior colonial years. The people’s ingenuity and extraordinary abundant skills for inventions no doubt contributed immensely to the survival of the race. Besides durability, farming and production of cash crops was a significant trade among the people. Empires through internal conquests had made cash crops, and other farms produce as means of tax and gratitude from territories under their kingdom.

How do they come about the ideas? How do they come about the materials needed to fabricate these tools? How do they come about what needed to be used at what point in time? How do they come with the knowledge of all these? These and many more are begging questions remained unanswered since after the colonial conquests that ravaged the continent which no doubt had its ripple effect on the development of innovations on the African cont.
It is pertinent to note that the colonial era subsequently gnarled virtually all the African inventions in place by the turn of the 20th century. This is after the colonial authorities had shrewdly replaced African innovative with its ideology and inventions.
In various black tribes and communities in the continent of Africa, there abound a multitude of brands of farm tools and implements, manufactured with local raw materials. These tools are as stable and reliable as its users.

However, some of this tools fabricated by black Africans survived the assimilated policies of the colonial authorities – The hoes, cutlasses, guns, ploughs among other inventions managed to skip through the unforgettable period of black African history.
Centuries after centuries, the culture of African farming was aided with these self innovated tools, though not very easy with bent spines ploughing under the blazing sun of Africa
These exceptionally designed farm tools were initiated, designed and manufactured with materials generated in Africa by Africans.