Zulu Warrior

The word “Zulu” means “Heaven” for generations Zulu warriors gave their enemies hell

The word “Zulu” means “Heaven” for generations Zulu warriors gave their enemies hell. Starting from a small tribe as late as 1816, they were organized and invigorated by the legendary Shaka Zulu to become the dominant kingdom in South Africa.

Zulu’s are always capable warriors even in the face of sophisticated adversaries weaponry. Such a case was when the British armies invaded with their advanced weapons. The Zulu soldiers were still able to give them a run for their money and sometimes spectacularly defeating the British army.

The Zulu Kingdom did not have a specially designated, full-time warrior class. Every able-bodied man from age 18 to 40 was eligible to be called up to serve. Then men are organized into regiments called “amabutho”. The regiment also comes with matching uniforms. The older soldiers were given seniority of rank. They fought the kingdom’s enemies, policed the communities, and at times were pressed into manual labor on domestic projects. While on duty, they would be housed in barracks called the amakhanda.

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