Queen Ida Mask

Iyoba Ida is popularly known as “Idia ne Iye Esigie,” was renowned warrior-queen, a skilled administrator, and the first Queen Mother of the Kingdom of Bini (Benin) in present-day Nigeria.

Queen Idia is a renowned warrior queen, a skilled administrator, and the first Queen of the ancient Benin kingdom in Nigeria. Iyoba, the face, is the most popularly known face of an African royal woman next only to Queen Nefertiti.

Idia, Queen of Oba Ozolua, is also an experienced military tactician and mystical warrior before becoming the mother of Oba(King) Esigie (1504-1550 CE). Esigie was the first King of Benin to ascend the throne with the title Esigie in about 1504. King Esigie was the first Leader in the West-African Sub-Region to establish a diplomatic connection with a European Country.

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